Family Lifestyle | Palmer, Alaska | Engelbrecht

I have been photographing families for six years.   In that time, I have striven to capture real, authentic emotions, as well as those in between moments. And although I own my own business and regularly photograph what matters most to me, I still felt that I didn’t have permission from my clients to capture those non posed, silly, playful, and in between moments that are shared between family members. I felt like the majority still wanted beautifully posed portraits. There are some amazing photographers out there who do that well. But the more settled I get with myself and the wilder my three kids get, beautifully posed images are not who we are. And I know what matters to me, must matter to my clients as well. So from this season on, I am striving to photograph what matters most and that is the connection.

Matanuska River … 3:45pm … 0* … Nikon 610 … 85mm 1.4 … 50mm 1.4

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